Meet the team!

Tim B Photography is a small business dedicated to helping your business stand out on Google Maps, Search, and across the entire internet. 

Tim Baldwin is the founder of Tim B Photography. In the early years of the Street View | Trusted Program, then called ‘Google Business Photos’, Tim recruited and trained photographers in taking high-quality spherical panoramas to upload to Google Maps. In his role as recruiter for Google, Tim helped the program grow from a fledgling project in the US and Canada to a cutting edge marketing solution in over 100 countries.

After two years at the Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, he moved from Silicon Valley to Bahía de Banderas and started Tim B Photography in the chic ‘gyp-set’ surf town of Sayulita. Originally from the US, Tim regularly travels around Mexico taking photos and having adventures.

In early 2019, Christine Knicely joined the Tim B Photography team as the business development manager. She has helped develop the Puerto Vallarta market and optimize local business listings. Christine is originally from Alberta and Ontario and has lived in Mexico since 2018. She brings invaluable experience in project management, team building, and branding and marketing strategies. In addition to executive responsibilities within Tim B Photography, Christine is a resource for clients and partners in the Puerto Vallarta area.

Reasons to choose us

1. Experience

Tim Baldwin has been making panoramic photos for over ten years. Tim B Photography was one of the first eight Google-Trusted Agencies in all of Mexico.

2. Equipment

We use professional-grade digital SLR cameras and precise 12mm fisheye lenses to create Virtual Tours. A pano-head rotator ensures pixel-accuracy when stitching the raw images.

3. Creativity

Blends of different photographic and video techniques, collaboartions with talented photographers and other artistic and technology professionals

4. Reliability

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5. Knowledge

Tim Baldwin recruited and trained some of the first photographers ever certified “Google Trusted.”

6. Support

Our support team is highly responsive and knowledgable.

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